Empowering and enriching targeted local communities

This commission is designed by the Bishop of the Blackbelt for the sole purpose of empowering and enriching targeted local communities in an integrated and comprehensive way. Community change from this effort will be a direct result of the shared honesty and struggle to simply make things better. Programs include those that are designed for churches, schools, businesses, community organizations, political organizations, health organizations along with financial institutions. The comprehensive tools in civil rights training and language strategies learned by Bishop Fortier will be used as instructional tools to transform communities and empower same with increased political participation and awareness. The goal is to produce individuals who will make a positive impact on American life by reversing the adverse impact of laws which nullify or neutralize the quality of life for African-Americans. 

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Greater in Recreation and Entertainment

Our youth throughout Dallas, County need increased recreational activities and cultural enrichment. Resource partners dedicated to securing a viable future for the Dallas Coummunity will partner on this very important project.

Greater Peace In Our Streets

Violence must be greatly lessened in Dallas County. Through our GDC community commission we shall empower each area with a set of skills and mindset to create success. This effort should result in a substantial decrease in violent crimes throughout the county.

Greater in Our Children’s Education

To facilitate the seamless education imperative, advanced, by educational partners and educational institutions throughout the County. Principal aim is to cultivate the unique talents, skills and abilities of every person in Dallas County who comprise the Beloved community.

Greater in Our Economy

Finance is a principal aim of our team work administration which encourages and stimulates a collective participation from industry, labor, government and lay leaders. Our team will work tirelessly to bring fiscal projects to create jobs and diversify revenue in Dlallas, County.

Greater in Innovative programs

Innovative programs to increase fiscal resources for County road infrastructure required in order to improve the roads in Dallas, County. Individual GDC commissions will be encouraged to spearhead these developmental projects for their respective areas.

Greater in System Support

Our County must automate the Dallas County Probate Court to be in line and in step for the central. standard time and 21st century development in other counties.. Our administration will work to ensure that attorneys, citizens, and other interested parties will have a stream lined system that ill be integrated and efficient.

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